Account Setup

To setup up QuickBooks accounts, use the following steps:

Account Name


Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable
Inventory Asset

Other Current Asset

Cost of Goods Sold Cost of Goods Sold


Undeposited Funds Other Current Asset

Account Name

Sub Account of


Sales Parts Sales Income
Sales Other Sales Income
Sales Labor Sales Income

Payment Method



Check Check
Credit Other credit card

Setup Company Charge Sales Tax

  • Add the following types to you QuickBooks Item List.

  • Item Name




    Labor Service Labor Sales:Sales Labor
    Misc Non-Inventory Part Miscellaneous Sales:Sales Other
    None Sales Tax-Item None  
    Parts Non-Inventory Part Parts Sales:Sales Parts
    Subtotal Subtotal Subtotal


    Tax Sales Tax Item Sales Tax  

    NOTE:  Only set up the below Optional Item accounts  if you are using these items in your Shop Manager. These item will not export if they are not used. The PTAX, LTAX, and MTAX are for special tax rates where the # represents the company number. This is used for multi company setup.

    * You have to pick either NONE or PRE-CALC, you do NOT need both *

    OPTIONAL Item Accounts

    Pre-Calc Sales Tax-Item Pre-Calc  
    Storage Service Storage Fee Sales:Sales Other
    Sublet Service Sublet Sales:Sales Other
    Supplies Non-Inventory Part Supplies Sales:Sales Other
    Towing Service Towing Sales:Sales Other
    PTAX0000# Sales Tax-Item Sales Tax  
    LTAX0000# Sales Tax-Item Sales Tax  
    MTAX0000# Sales Tax-Item Sales Tax  

  • Add the following tax code types to your Sales Tax Code List in QuickBooks.

  • Code



    Tax Taxable Sales Yes
    Non Non-Taxable Sales No


    Continue on to Interface Setup.