Protection Plan Plus
  • Add thousands to your bottom line selling protection plans
  • Drive more protection plan work to your shop
National Scorecard
  • Compare repair mix with other shops
  • Analyze dollar sales by type of work
  • Analyze profit margins by type of work
End of Day Dashboard
  • Compare sales year over year by sales group

BM Finance

  • Save your customers money!
  • Sell more work
  • Financing is much cheaper than high credit card rates
  • Quick and easy, right from the customers phone

BM Mobile

  • Use tablets as remote work stations
  • Process credit card payments from your devices
  • Scan VINs to create work orders
  • Do vehicle inspections
  • Create quotes
  • Include pictures
Smart Phone Plus
  • Scan VINs to create work orders
  • Digital Inspections
  • Take pictures
  • Update inspection checklist

Remote Pay

  • Pay by phone for after-hours pick up
  • Speed up repairs
  • Save time waiting for payments
  • Remove your liability
  • Customers enter their own payment info
Images Plus
  • Add images at job creation or to an existing job
  • Remove images that were accidentally added to the wrong job
  • Print out images alongside an invoice
  • Email images to your customers

Texting Plus

  • Text with or without creating a work order
  • Keep track of all sent and received messages
  • Quickly and easily contact your customers
  • All texts stored in one central location
No Processing Fees
  • No processing Fees – automatically pass the fees to your customers.

Custom Work Orders

  • Have custom made work orders
  • Include logos
  • Include images
  • Choose any font for your company information
  • Print in both color or black and white as you print the work
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