BM Mobile

Use tablets & smart phones as remote work stations

Ideal for mobile mechanics

Process credit card payments from tablets
  • Scan vins to start a new work order
  • Do vehicle inspections
  • Create quotes
  • Include pictures
Vin Scanning & Decoding
  • As easy as pointing your camera at a VIN
  • Once a VIN is detected our software immediately decodes the VIN
  • Once a VIN has been decoded the corresponding input fields are filled with the correct information

Mobile Friendly UI

Easily select the tick you are working on

  • Mobile devices have quick navigation buttons
  • Helps you get things done quicker
Mechanics can use their phones to
  • ¬†Easily scan VINs
  • Add Images to specific jobs
  • Complete an inspection checklist

Update Customer & Vehicle Info

  • Mechanics no longer need to be at a desktop to enter customer info
  • Everything can be filled out from a phone
  • Fill out new customer and vehicle info
  • Update existing customer and vehicle info
Top 10 Sales Year Over Year
  • Check what your most sold services/products were of the year.
  • Did you perform better or worse than the previous year?
  • Are you on track to beat last year’s numbers?
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