Integrated Credit Card Processing
With No Fees

  • Click credit card payment like you always do.
  • Insert credit card like you always do.
  • Don’t waste time entering an amount.
  • Press process like you always do
  • Don’t waste time with signatures
  • Don’t waste time with receipts
  • Your work order is your receipt
  • Don’t waste time with end of day reconciling
  • BM Pay does it all

Your no cost option plus these additional features

  • Automatic platform fee(auto add a low fee to cover credit card costs)
  • Quick Books integration
  • Electronic signatures if desired
  • BM Remote Pay (customers pay by phone for after hours pickup)
  • BM Mobile (for mobile repair shops and vans)
  • BM Finance (customers can finance their work orders and increase your sales)
  • One stop shop for software and payment support (no more bouncing around between vendors and pointing fingers.

Three year price guarantee!

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