National Scorecard

The National Scorecard is a series of charts comparing shop numbers to the national numbers.

  • ┬áTrack ticket numbers, sale totals, and profit margins.
  • Compare you shops numbers to the national average
  • Track performance by MTD, last month, 3months and 12 month intervals.
Organized by individual shop categories

Socrecard - Tickets, Sales, Profit

  • Easily keep track of how your shop numbers compare to the national.
  • Are your numbers better than the national average? if not, where can you improve?
  • All of the most up to date data is nicely packaged in one central location
National Scorecard
Print Out
  • Easily print out your National Scorecard
  • How does your performance match up to the rest of the country?
  • Which sales groups account for most of your volume?
  • Do you make the same margins as your competitor?
  • How much do you sell your services for against the national average?
  • Your scorecard makes it even easier to see where you need to improve!
Dashboard Analysis
  • A group of charts that track your performance year over year
  • Sale percentages
  • Ticket, Sales and Profit trends
  • Top 10 highest grossing products/services

Sales Percentage Year Over Year

  • Easily keep track of how your shop is doing in all areas of service
  • Did you do better or worse than your pervious year? What can you do to improve?
  • With continuous up to date data it’s easy to see what areas of your shop could use improvement

Shop Trends Year Over Year

  • Easily track yearly trends and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Ticket trends – keep track of how many tickets are being done monthly
  • Sale trends – Keep track of how much sales you are doing monthly
  • Profit Trends – Keep track of your profit percentages each month.
Top 10 Sales Year Over Year
  • Check what your most sold services/products were of the year.
  • Did you perform better or worse than the previous year?
  • Are you on track to beat last year’s numbers?
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