Automotive Repair Shop Management Software That Does It All

Bay Master is a cloud based automotive repair shop management software that helps your business scale, is user friendly and helps build customer loyalty. Make your business more profitable and your customers happier.

Lower Costs | Streamline | Build Loyalty

Immediately Create Tickets No Training Required
Select Features You Want Whether You Do 5 or 50 Ticket Per Day

BM Financing

  • Save your customers money
  • Sell more work
  • Financing is much cheaper than high credit card rates
  • Quick and easy, right from the customers phone

BM Protection Plan

  • Add thousands to your bottom line selling protection plans
  • Drive more protection plan work to your shop

National Scorecard

  • Compare repair mix with other shops
  • Analyze dollar sales by type of work
  • Analyze profit margins by type of work

End of Day Dashboard

  • Compare sales year over year by sales group

BM Texting Plus

  • Text with or without creating a work order
  • Keep track of all sent and received messages
  • Quickly and easily contact your customers
  • All text stores in one central location

BM Smartphone

  •  Scan VINs to create work orders
  • Digital inspections
  • Take pictures
  • Update inspection checklist
  • Use tables as remote work stations
  • Process credit cad payments from your devices
  • Scan VINs to create work orders
  • Do vehicle inspections
  • Create quotes
  • Include pictures

BM Remote Pay

  • Pay by phone for after-hours pick up
  • Speed up repairs
  • Save time waiting for payments
  • Remove your liability
  • Customers enter their own payment info

BM Images Plus

  • Add images at your job creation or to an existing job
  • Remove images that were accidentally added to the wrong job
  • Print out images alongside an invoice
  • Email images to your customers

BM Custom Work Orders

  • Have custom made work orders
  • Include logos
  • Include images
  • Choose any font for your company information
  • Print in both color or black and white as your print the work.
Save Time & Increase Revenue!

Bay Master is an all in one software designed to streamline your repair shop and improve productivity.

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Protection Plan
Texting Plus
Smartphone Plus
Remote Pay
Images Plus
Custom Work Orders
Mobile VIN Scanning

VIN Scanning is the ability to take your device, phone or tablet and directly scan a VIN and have it automatically decoded.

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