The National Scorecard is a series of charts comparing shop numbers to the national numbers allowing you to see how your shop compares to others throughout the nation.

Tickets, Sales and Profit
Compare your shop numbers to the national numbers.
Track performance by MTD, last month, 3 months and 12 months ago

Organized by individual shop categories

Scorecard – Tickets, Sales, Profit

Easily keep track of how your shop numbers compare to the national.
Are your numbers better than the national average? If not, where can you improve?
All of the most up to date data nicely packaged in one central location.

National Scorecard Print Out

Easily print out your National Scorecard.

How does your performance match up to the rest of the country?
Which sales groups account for most of your volume?
Do you make the same margins as your competitor?
How much do you sell your services for against the national average?

Now it’s even easier to see where you need to improve!

Dashboard Analysis

Dashboard Analysis is a group of charts that track your performance year over year.
Sale percentages
Ticket, Sales and Profit trends
Top 10 highest grossing products/services

All easily managed in one central location.

Sales Percentage Year Over Year

Easily keep track of how your shop is doing in specific areas of service.
Did you do better or worse than your previous year? What can you do to improve?
With continuous up to date data it’s easy to see what areas of your shop could use improvement.

Shop Trends Year Over Year

Easily track yearly trends and make adjustments where necessary.
Ticket Trends – Keep track of how many tickets are being done monthly.
Sale Trends – Keep track of how much sales you are doing monthly.
Profit Trends – Keep track of your profit percentages each month.

Top 10 Sales Year Over Year

Check what your most sold services/products were of the year.
Did you perform better or worse than the previous year?
Are you on track to beat last year’s numbers?.
Allow your customers to make payments directly from home or their mobile devices.

Great for After Hours Pickup!
Speed up repairs
Save time waiting for Payments!
Remove your liability customers enter their own payment info
Click credit card payment like you always do.
Insert credit card like you always do.
Don’t waste time entering amount.
Press PROCESS like you always do.
Don’t waste time with signatures.
Don’t waste time with receipts.
Your work order is your receipt.
Don’t waste time end of day reconciling.
Automatic Platform Fee (auto add a low fee to cover credit card costs)
Quick Books integration
Electronic signatures if desired.
BM REMOTE PAY (customer pays by phone for after hours pickup)
BM MOBILE (for mobile repair shops & vans)
BM FINANCE (customer can finance their work orders and increase your sales)
One stop shop for software and payments support (no more bouncing around between vendors and finger pointin
Allow your customers to finance their repairs and increase profits by charging interest.

Save your customers money!
Finance Options are cheaper than credit cards.
Increase your large sales!
Now your customer can easily afford those bigger jobs.
Add images to specific jobs.

Add images at job creation or to existing jobs.
Remove images that were accidentally added to the wrong job.
Print out images alongside invoice.
Email images to customers.